Symbient™ Intelligence™

It is no secret that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is becoming mainstream. Everywhere we look, everything we touch has some relationship with A.I. Whether it's the A.I. that assists us behind the wheel or the A.I. in our homes that we can speak with like our own personal assistants, Artificial Intelligence is now part of our everyday lives; and now, thanks to Symbient™ technologies, that same Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of our workforce.

Symbient™ Intelligence™ utilizes cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies to provide frontline workers with the same level of assistance and management as their human counterparts. These technologies can listen to and comment back to the users in a human-like context, providing workers with guided assistance, insights for areas of opportunity for optimizations & improvements, and an altogether co-pilot that can enrich their lives and make their worker safer, easier, and more efficient.

The "brain" behind Symbient™ Intelligence™ is our home-grown artificial robo-boss called "Samaritan". It is her job to monitor the performance of all workers in a simultaneous and non-biased way so as to gather the data necessary for making insightful and forward looking decisions. These decisions are then communicated back to workers in real-time via our voice and micro-flow technology, Symbient™ Flows™.

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